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Best 14 Cup Coffee Filters Reviews & Alternatives

The 14 cup coffee filters is an incredible product. There is plenty of available 14 cup coffee filters that are growing in popularity.

With the combination of features and specs, it can’t be beaten. They can be expensive, leaving some to find one of the best  14 cup coffee filters.

The 14 cup coffee filters are designed to mimic the feel of the original products without the high price point or use of harmful materials.

This is why we dug in and came out with our list of the best  14 cup coffee filters for anyone who might not be able to afford one or may not be a fan of this brand.

But is there any real merit to going the alternative route? Is it just a fad, or does ditching the minty stuff do you good?

Let’s take a look at some contenders for the teeth-cleaning crown!

# Preview Product Score

Melitta 12 to 15 Cup Basket Coffee Filters, 800 Count, White


NRP Screen Basket 12-14cup Permanent Coffee Filter Replacement for KRUPS Coffeemaker EC321/322/324 &...


Melitta FBA USA Inc 626412#6 Natural Brown Cone Coffee Filters 40 Count - 4 PACK


Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable Extra Large Coffee Filters 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 Cup Basket for...


Coffee Filters - Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable - Large Basket - 9.75" Flattened Diameter -...


Large Coffee Filters (9.75" x 4.5") Drink Katy's 12 Cup Tall-Walled Coffee Filters to Prevent Messy...


Cuisinart GTF Gold Tone Coffee Filter, 10-12 Cup, Burr Mill


#4 Cone Coffee Filters (Natural Unbleached, 300)


KEEPOW Reusable GTF-4 Gold Tone Filter for Cuisinart DCC-3200 DCC-1200 Machines and Brewers...


Cuisinart Gold Tone Filter Permanent


List of Best  14 cup coffee filters

Why Should You Use 14 cup coffee filters

The 14 cup coffee filters aren’t just necessary for avoiding the cost of pricey models; they’re also a little fun. There are many reasons people like having a 14 cup coffee filters:

  • Adds personalization and character
  • It gives you a secure feeling
  • Inexpensive
  • Sometimes even better performance
  • They can get more features than the original brand
  • Some knock-off brands even manufacture the more solid product
  • Variation in color, style & designs
  • Make operations and processes more efficient.
  • Dramatically reduce costs and waste.

Melitta 12 to 15 Cup Basket Coffee Filters, 800 Count, White

  • Join the Pursuit for Better Coffee: Melitta is dedicated to providing the ultimate coffee experience with our premium coffee filters, coffee pods, pour over brewers, coffee makers and premium coffees
  • Quality Filters: Our cone, basket and single serve filters are all designed to brew rich, flavorful coffee; They are all compostable and made of high quality paper that won't tear for mess free brewing
  • Cone Coffee Filters: Brew flavorful coffee with these filters that fit all 12 to 15 cup electric basket style coffeemakers; Our white filters are chlorine free; Our filters trap more bitter oils and impurities for a better cup of coffee
  • Perfect Brewing: Our products are designed to provide the perfect brewing experience with a complete selection of cone coffee filters, pour over coffee filters, basket coffee filters, single serve coffee filters and tea filters
  • Advanced Design: Our coffee filters feature Microfine Flavor Enhancing perforations that allow the full coffee flavor to filter through and a double crimped filter design to help protect against bursting

NRP Screen Basket 12-14cup Permanent Coffee Filter Replacement for KRUPS Coffeemaker EC321/322/324 & More

  • Up to 14-cup Capacity for any Occasion. Brew for Bold Coffee Flavor and Allows more Coffee Oil pass through the Filter Stay into Your Coffee Pot.
  • Permanent Gold-tone Coffee Filter Basket Style 100% fits on the KRUPS partial model Coffee Maker (EC321-324, EC422). Save more Money & ECO-friendly
  • A removable Handle Let you can Immediately Take the Basket Filter out after Brew Finished. Rinse under Running Water or Put it in the Dishwasher. Both Works
  • This is the Real 14-cup Coffee Filter Basket Style. the Design is NEW but Not Universal Fits All. You may Measure Your Machine's Filter Holder before Try my Filter
  • NRP Quality Made - Food Grade Gold-tone Stainless Steel micro-mesh Fuse with the Plastic 100% BPA Free. Smooth and Clean

Melitta FBA USA Inc 626412#6 Natural Brown Cone Coffee Filters 40 Count - 4 PACK


Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable Extra Large Coffee Filters 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 Cup Basket for Commercial, Home Coffee Maker Extra High Extra Wide, Anti ground, 9.75" Flattened Diameter (200 Pcs)

  • VERSATILE USE. Besides their intended use, these compostable coffee filter have various purposes: use them for blotting meats and greasy foods, to wrap round handmade soaps (a craft-paper look).
  • LARGE BASKET. These extra large coffee filters for 12-16 Cup basket coffee makers. The filters are 9.75" diameter when flattened. The base when unflattened is 4.5" diameter, the height is 2.75" High sides prevent grounds to get into your coffee!
  • HIGH QUALITY. Brown coffee filters won't collapse during brewing. This minimizes coffee grounds getting into your coffee. Non bleached coffee filters are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and made from paper - a renewable resource.
  • NO MESS. Thick paper and ridged construction of natural coffee filter hold shape and prevents tearing or clogging. The disposable design ensures quick cleanup after each use.
  • GOOD TASTE. The cupcake style coffee filter can efficiently remove most oils and tiny coffee particles which cause coffee to turn bitter, then you can enjoy the delicious coffee time, bring a good mood to your daily life. Metal and cloth filters can let these into your cup.

Coffee Filters - Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable - Large Basket - 9.75" Flattened Diameter - 4.25" Diameter Base - by California Containers (200 Count)

  • HEALTHY CHOICE - This product is made using no harsh chemicals or bleach, a compound which is toxic to humans. Rest assured that your coffee will be free of harmful chemicals, unlike when using competitors' filters.
  • LARGE BASKET - These filters are for large basket coffee makers. The filters are 9.75" diameter when flattened. The base when unflattened is 4.5" diameter.
  • DURABLE - These coffee filters won't disintegrate when wet. This is a quality product.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - These coffee filters are made from unbleached paper that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Do the earth a solid by using these filters for your morning cup.
  • FUNCTIONAL - Each of these high quality filters features a semi-permeable surface that lets coffee through, but not the grounds.

Large Coffee Filters (9.75" x 4.5") Drink Katy's 12 Cup Tall-Walled Coffee Filters to Prevent Messy Ground Overflow - Compatible with BUNN Commercial and Large Home Machines (500 Pack/1 Year+ Supply)

  • A ONE YEAR SUPPLY TO SAVE YOU TIME, SPACE, AND MONEY ✅ Stop throwing away money and time on the wrong coffee filters and filling your day with hassle; Grocery stores do not stock these bigger sizes, so we made them easily available here on Amazon; Our 500-count bulk pack is perfect amount of filters to last for over a year and the perfect size to not take up valuable space on your kitchen or commercial shelves
  • COFFEE FILTERS THAT ARE THE PERFECT FIT😊 Tired of trying to find coffee filters that are the right size for your machine? Grocery store filter sizes are too small and allow grounds to overflow for a messy clean up; Our large large flat bottom coffee filters are the perfect solution for your 10 to 12 cup coffee machine; Taller walled to prevent ground overflow
  • SUPPORT WOMAN-OWNED! TRY 100% RISK FREE 💖 Drink Katy’s is a woman-owned company that makes our coffees, teas, and filters in sunny Florida; We want you to LOVE your coffee filters. If you are unhappy with our large coffee filters for ANY reason or they don't work PERFECT for your machine just let us know and we offer a 100% happiness refund guarantee
  • A GREAT CUP OF COFFEE STARTS WITH GREAT FILTERS ☕ To brew delicious coffee or tea, you have to use quality filters; Our eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable, bleach and chlorine-free filter material is made using a special ECF process that does not allow any harsh bleach or chemicals into your brew and is safe for the environment upon disposal; Our paper is designed to absorb oils and remove gritty sediment while easily letting a flavorful roast extraction through
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 12 CUP MACHINES ⭐ Our handmade large coffee filters are compatible with 10-12 Cup Bunn, Fetco, Curtis, Bloomfield and Royal Cup Commercial Brewers used in Restaurants, Offices, Cafes, Churches, Gas Stations and More; As well as in most home coffee makers including Bunn, Black and Decker, Cuisinart and more; Check out additional information and specific model numbers below

Cuisinart GTF Gold Tone Coffee Filter, 10-12 Cup, Burr Mill

  • Genuine Cuisinart Item
  • Fits Models: DCC-1100, DCC-1150, DCC-1200, DCC-2800, DCC-2900

#4 Cone Coffee Filters (Natural Unbleached, 300)

  • Eco-friendly & Made In The USA - Biodegradable and made from paper, a renewable resource. All manufactured right here in the US.
  • High Quality - Sturdy and resistant to tearing, these filters will keep grounds out of your coffee.
  • Superior Taste - Paper filters remove most oils and micro coffee particles which cause coffee to turn bitter. Metal and cloth filters can let these into your cup.
  • Easy Clean Up - Disposable filters mean that you can toss the grounds without needing to clean out a metal filter.
  • Standard Size - Made to fit all 12 cup coffee makers which use cone filters. Not for use with pour-over coffee makers. If you aren't sure what size coffee filter to use, please consult the packaging for your coffee brewer.

KEEPOW Reusable GTF-4 Gold Tone Filter for Cuisinart DCC-3200 DCC-1200 Machines and Brewers Coffeemakers

  • WEAR RESISTANT - The cone-shaped coffee strainer with a characteristic of thermostability, wear-resistant properties, good permeability, holds up well to repeated coffee brewing
  • COMPATIBLE WITH - Fit for Cuisinart DCC-3200, DCC-3400, DCC-2200RC, DCC-1200, DCC-1100, DCC-450BK, DCC-3000, CHW-12, DGB-900BC, DGB-550BK, DTC-975BKN coffee maker
  • CERTIFICATION ASSURANCE - The reusable gtf-4 gold tone filter has pass fda, rohs, lfgb certification, just enjoy your coffee carefreely
  • ECO FRIENDLY - Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, this gtf-4 gold tone filter for Cuisinart dcc-3200 is reusable and washable, saving your money on paper filters
  • EASILY CLEANING - Our coffee gtf filter is precision crafted in using surgical grade stainless-steel with woven mesh, easily cleaning under water and dishwasher-safe

Cuisinart Gold Tone Filter Permanent

How to pick the right 14 cup coffee filters

The right 14 cup coffee filters for your needs shouldn’t have you doing research all weekend and missing out on other plans. In general, there are a few simple things that you should consider before choosing the 14 cup coffee filters  that will work best for your needs.

Let’s check them out below:

Before You Buy  14 cup coffee filters, You Should Think About It

Think about what the  14 cup coffee filters offers before buying it. We'll go over some of the most important ones below, but there are more things to consider before buying  14 cup coffee filters.

Material Excellence

Think about how the product is made before anything else. Products with better quality materials tend to be more reliable and last longer than those made with lower quality materials. Before you buy something, find out what materials were used to make it to see if that affects the price.


Durability is the time a product can last before replacing or fixing it. A product with better quality should last longer than one with less quality. A good product will pay for itself in the long run because you won't have to buy a new one for a long time.


There are pros and cons to both large and small 14 cup coffee filters. However, they lack the value-adding features that make them efficient, despite being handy, portable and taking up little space. Larger 14 cup coffee filters have more efficiency features but are also costlier. Additionally, they take up more space.


The most important thing to consider when picking a 14 cup coffee filters is comfort. A 14 cup coffee filters comfort level depends on the material it is made from and constructed. The material used should be reviewed, and other users' complaints should be investigated.


Before investing in a 14 cup coffee filters, you must consider the price. Each product has a different price range. It is possible to find cheap 14 cup coffee filters and expensive ones. Therefore, before buying, you should check the price and compare it with other products. The best 14 cup coffee filters for your budget will be one that suits your needs perfectly. Avoid buying the most expensive 14 cup coffee filters.


Brand plays a big part in choosing 14 cup coffee filters. Get a product from a reputable company if you want a good experience. I usually don't recommend buying off-brand knock-offs. The best brand will provide you with a high standard of service. If something goes wrong with your unit, you will receive great aftermarket support if you stick with a reputable company.


Always consider your budget when making a big purchase. A 14 cup coffee filters can be found at various price ranges depending on its capabilities. Getting the most expensive model available might not be the best idea. Having a fixed, reasonable spending limit will ensure you get the most out of your budget. Then, you can choose something within your budget range and avoid distractions. It is common to have buyer's remorse if you purchase a unit that exceeds your budget, regardless of its quality.


The amount of use a product can withstand before failing or breaking down totally is referred to as its reliability. If a product is well-made, it should last as long as it says it will without needing repairs or replacements. The upfront cost of a reliable product may be more than that of a less reliable one.

What To Think About When Buying  14 cup coffee filters

We all buy things all the time. We buy things like food and drinks that we need regularly, but we also think about other things we need to buy to keep our lives running smoothly. When we buy big things like furniture or appliances, we do a lot of research to make sure we make the right choice. We buy many things we don't need just because we want to keep them in our homes. It's important to keep a few things in mind when shopping, so you don't waste your money.

Don't Let The Ad Change Your Mind.

The ads we see have a big effect on what we buy. A few of a product's most important features are highlighted, and we're more likely to be interested in the copy, including memorable phrases and eye-catching pictures and videos. The point of the ad is to make you think about the things about the product that will affect your decision. Sometimes the small details of a product can make it hard to tell what we're looking at. In today's world, where the internet is a one-stop shop for all kinds of information, almost every business that advertises its brand has a website. Before you buy, you should ask your friends or family about the product's reviews and look at the product's website for the information you can trust.

Be Careful When Making A Choice

Even if it's just for show, you can always buy it to make your home look better. But if the product is useful, you must first figure out if it will be useful to you before you buy it. You won't get your money's worth out of a product if you don't use it to its fullest. It doesn't make sense to buy a big fridge if you're not going to use most of the space inside. A pressure cooker can also be a waste of money if you only need one for two people.

Think About How Long It'll Last

Since you're buying the thing for a certain reason, you're putting money into it. So, there is also worry about how long the product will last. When comparing prices for the same type of product from different sellers, durability is an important thing to think about. If your smart mobile gadget is expensive, you probably don't want to keep using it for the next five years. In five years, hardware and software will have changed a lot, and the gadget you're using now may not be able to be fixed because there won't be any spare parts. Getting a good return on your money means buying something that will last for a long time. For example, many companies that make refrigerators offer a standard 2- to 5-year warranty that can be extended in certain situations. You probably think that your fridge will last a lot longer than your smartphone does right now. A light bulb works the same way as a fan. Before you buy something, take a moment to think about how long you want to use it. Should you spend much money on something you'll only use for a few months?

Check To See If It Works

Even if you're happy with your  14 cup coffee filters right now, you'll be upset when a new model comes out and you have to wait for it. You should also check your computer's main memory (RAM), which is what the CPU needs to do its work. To get the most out of a product, it must be as efficient as possible. Even though the appliance has a star rating, many companies sell appliances that don't meet the required power ratings. Compare how much power these products use to how much power their branded counterparts use, and if there is a difference, don't buy them. Don't skimp on the best products because they are more expensive. They will always make your investment worth more.

Choose Easier Things, And Cheaper To Take Care Of

Keep it in good shape to get the most out of your gear. When it comes to taking care of your  14 cup coffee filters, knowing more is better. Most devices have a user manual that tells you what to do and what not to do, but you won't get one for your house. The builder may give you a pamphlet that lists features and laws, but if you own a home built by that developer, it is your responsibility to follow those rules and laws. It's important to know what kind of paint to use when painting the inside and outside a house.




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