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Long gone are those days when copying a painting was done manually by spending hours using pencil and paper. Nowadays, it’s very much possible to print directly on the canvases. How is this possible? With the latest canvas printers, of course.

As canvases are far different from normal paper or sheets, special kinds of printers featuring advanced technicalities are recommended by experts to print on them. Otherwise, a piece of art might lose its precision, perfection, and color grading because of poor printing quality. 

That being said, our expert technical team has gone through all the latest models of printers to come up with this list of best canvas printers. Hope, the following ten products would come to your rescue in concealing fine arts or photographs at their best.

Comparison Table

             Product          Description
1. HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer  HP instant ink eligible
Beautiful borderless printing
Auto both side printing
2. Canon PIXMA G6020 Wireless MegaTank PrinterPlus size ink bottles
30 times more cartridges
Compatible with most devices
3. Canon TS6420 All in One Wireless Printer  Easy to use
1.44” OLED display
Quick printing by using the Canon PRINT app
4. Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Wireless Color PrinterAffordable price range
Cartridge free printing
2.4” color display
5. Canon TR7020 Black Color Wireless PrinterFast and facile scan, copy, and printing tool
Widespread connectivity
Clear 1.44” OLED display
6. Canon TS9521C Wireless Crafting Photo PrinterMaximum device compatibility
12”x12” borderless printing output
Full of fun features 
7. HP Tango Smart Wireless PrinterVoice-activated printing
Professional printing quality
AirPrint compatible
8. HP DeskJet 3752 Compact Color Inkjet PrinterPower-packed printing output
Easy and simple setup
Very lightweight
9. Brother MFC-J497DW Multifunction PrinterCompact design
Versatile paper handling
Built-in wireless system
10. Canon ImagePROGRAF TA-20 Large Format Inkjet Printer  Cheapest large format printer
Free poster creating software
Impressive photo printing quality

Our Favourite Best Canvas Printer

Top 10 Best Canvas Printer Reviews- 2022

1. HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer

First on the list, let’s meet a powerful canvas printer from HP, a renowned name in the printing field. This all-in-one wireless printer permits premium printing quality right from mobile devices. Apart from printing, it is applicable for scanning, faxing, copying, etc. as well. Being designed for productive performance, this HP instant ink eligible printer produces authentic color grading and stunning photo quality. 

Key Features



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2. Canon PIXMA G6020 Wireless MegaTank Printer

In the second place, we are going to review a world-class printer for canvas. Meet an amazing printer from Canon, a name that needs no introduction when it comes to producing printing machinery. 

Being tooled with inkjet printing technology, this too is an all-in-one printer like the HP ENVY Photo 7855 Printer. Let’s heed to its main features.

Key Features



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3.  Canon TS6420 All in One Wireless Printer

Next on the list, we have another outstanding printing device which is again from the Canon family. You cannot but admit that it is one of the best black canvas printers after going through its advantages.

This too is architectured with inkjet technology like Canon’s other products. However, the all-in-one printing formula cooperates with the compact structure to fit your busy schedules. 

Key Features



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4. Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Wireless Color Printer

On the fourth spot, meet one of the most affordable canvas printers for quick and quality printout. Epson innovated this exclusive printer with some outstanding amenities. Resultantly, you can use it both at home and in the office. How amazing, isn’t it?

Howsoever, we liked this easy-to-use printing machine for its cartridge-free solution, high-resolution scanner, and easily refillable ink tanks. What’s more does it offer? Let’s explore the details!

Key Features



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5. Canon TR7020 Black Color Wireless Printer

If you are in need of the best printer for canvas for home use, give this all-in-one device a shot. Put your trust again in Canon and you won’t regret it. Their TR7020 inkjet printer is literally the best for home purposes.

Pretty similar to the Canon TS6420 All in One Wireless Printer, it has more or less the same features like 1.44″ OLED display, Canon PRINT app, auto-duplex printing, etc. But how do they work to offer you high-grade printouts? Let’s learn below”

Key Features



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6. Canon TS9521C Wireless Crafting Photo Printer

We have too many printers from Canon, isn’t it? Well, it’s true and done purposefully due to the outperforming ability of Canon when it comes to producing high-tech canvas printers. 

The sixth place of this review is occupied by the TS9521C photo printer from the Canon empire which is convenient for any crafting project. It offers five different inks that are suitable for your everyday printing requirements. 

Key Features



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7. HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer

If you opt for interruption-free printing, don’t hesitate to have this wonderful canvas photo printer from the HP universe. The specialized Tango model comes with instant ink before you run short. Basically, it comes with a monthly ink plan based on pages printed. So, you will never be out of ink. How amazing!!

Key Features 



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8. HP DeskJet 3752 Compact Color Inkjet Printer 

At the eighth place, we have another prominent HP canvas printer that comes with inkjet printing technology like any other premium quality printer. 

However, you can enjoy an all-in-one wireless performance with this compact printing device. In fact, it’s the smallest all-in-one printer in the world that fits literally anywhere. 

Key Features



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9. Brother MFC-J497DW Multifunction Printer

As the name suggests, now you are going to be introduced with a multifunction printer from Brother, another reliable name among the printer manufacturers. It, too, is a wireless printer. Talking about the special features, it comes with an auto-duplex printing advantage like the Canon TS6420 All in One Wireless Printer. As a result, you can consider it as one of the best printers for canvas for professional photo prints.

Key Features



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10. Canon ImagePROGRAF TA-20 Large Format Inkjet Printer

Let’s put an end to the review section with a large format Canon printer that performs surprisingly well when it comes to canvas printing. You can print CAD drawings, maps, wall and window posters, and many more with this out-of-the-box printing tool.

Let’s analyze its pivotal points below!

Key Features



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Best Canvas Printer Buying Guide

Apart from considering the advantages and disadvantages of a printer, there are some key factors that decide whether it will be a good or bad pick for printing on a canvas. You must check out these things before buying the best canvas printer so that the artwork doesn’t lose its demeanor once it’s printed. The list of the key considerations are as follow- 

Printing Surface

Canvas printers must be capable on large printing surfaces. Otherwise, you cannot transfer a painting to a canvas or presentation board. So, the selection system must focus on how large printing output a printer can produce. In this regard, look for the paper size support and dimensions to buy the best large canvas printing machine.

As for professional artists or photographers, it is an essential must to have versatile individual ink cartridges. The more the color choice options, the better the image quality. We recommend having inbuilt refillable ink cartridges that come with a minimum of 5 or 6 sets. Of course, having a set of 8 or 9 ink cartridges will be far better for a vivid presentation. 

Printing Material

Printing canvases are thicker and wider than regular paper. So, they are supposed to be different.  But apart from printing on large canvases, they must be compatible to work on other materials like plain paper, photo paper, regular sheet, or fine art paper. This criterion makes the printing machine more desirable.


For a quality canvas printer, you must check first whether it’s compatible with all the operating systems you are going to connect to it. Besides, it should be workable with different devices in versatile file formats. For instance, a Windows-operated printer will not work with an iOS system. So, choose an extensive range of harmony with multiple operations.

Printing Speed

Canvas printers are the best tool to help in your tight schedules by lessening work pressure, right. In that case, loom for a convenient printing speed that satisfies you completing the lengthy tasks in minutes.


As all the printers we discussed earlier are wireless, you must have understood that they are the most advantageous to connect to your tablets, cellphones, or computer over wifi. The biggest benefit of these wireless devices is that you can place them anywhere, not necessarily beside your device. 

On top of that, printers like Canon TS6420 All in One Wireless Printer allow direct printing from the device being operated by Air Print or Google Cloud Print technology. You don’t even need to be beside the machine.

Highest Resolutions 

Look for devices with maximum photo resolutions if you want the canvas prints to look flawless after being printed. This can really make a huge difference in printing outputs. Usually, most affordable canvas printers have a resolution of 4800×2400 dpi.

How to Print on Canvas at Home?

Considering printing images or photographs on a canvas at home?  Follow the following steps to succeed at the first attempt. 

Step 1:

Purchase an ideal inkjet printer of your choice. You can try any latest model from Canon or HP. Then choose the correct canvas of your preference from any crafting store. Remember, the printable canvas must get along with your inkjet printer.

Step 2:

Now, select what artwork you want to print. Digitized art prints are good options to give a try. Once purchased or downloaded your selected print, you can edit it making necessary changes by using your computer or notebook. Starting from color correction, you can resize the photo as well. However, save the final version of your editing. 

Step 3:

In this step, set up the printer properly and connect it to your device. Add a leader strip to the canvas to set it correctly into the printing machine. Then you need to add an extra inch to the printing document. Do this by opening the “Print Settings” option.

Step 4:

Now, it’s time to load the canvas into the printer using the rear feed tray. Also, click on the “Rear Manual” button on your computer to set the feed. 

Step 5:

Finally, it’s time to print your desired painting or photograph. Once you finish, remove the canvas carefully. Leaving it for a few minutes to dry will be wiser so that the ink doesn’t spread around.

This is how you can easily print on a canvas at home. 

How to Use a Canvas Printer? 

Using a canvas printer is no rocket science. Although they are different from regular printers in many aspects, canvas printing is pretty similar to normal, everyday printing.

For professional canvas printers, there are some rules to maintain professional image quality. Here are they-

Choosing Compatible Canvas

You must use the correct canvas that is compatible with your printer. Otherwise, you will end up having faulty printouts.

Using Leader Strip

To make sure that your printing output will be square and straight, using a leader strip for feeding the canvas into the printer is mandatory. Especially, when you are using a sheet canvas in cooperation with a desktop printer. 

Avoiding Auto Feed 

Always try to use the manual feeding process. No matter how much you try, the auto-feed paper tray wouldn’t feed the canvas accurately. 

Opting for Maximum Resolution 

Never compromise with color grading and resolutions. Always select the highest resolutions for canvas printing. Otherwise, the photo print will look horrible and all the print lines will be visible. 

Printing on the Correct Side

Many of us are always confused on which side of the canvas we should print? The answer is pretty simple- on the right side. Fear not as maximum canvas comes with a watermark on the wrong side. That is basically the non-printing edge. 

Nevertheless, some printer canvas doesn’t have any watermarks. In that case, touch the canvas surface with your fingers. If you can feel a texture, congratulations, you got the correct side of printing!

Following these basic rules to run a canvas printing tool would do no harm, but let your printing outputs look greater.

FAQs: Best Canvas Printer

What Kind of Printer Do You Need for Canvas?

For printing on canvas, you need printers that ensure remarkable color grading and excellent accuracy when the painting is transferred on a canvas. Moreover, they must be capable of providing larger printing outputs. 

What Is the Best Quality for Canvas Prints?

Usually, canvas printers are particularly designed with large formats. They also efficiently print pictures in high resolution without distorting the actual excellence of the painting. To maintain the exactness of any artwork, you should go for graphics and photographic printers that provide ultimate quality control.

Can You Run Canvas Through a Printer?

Absolutely yes. You can directly print on the canvas in this way. As canvas media is sold both in sheet and rolled form, buy some of your choices and put them on the home printer you have.

How Do I Sell My Canvas Prints?

Canvas photo prints may turn out to be more precious than your imagination. You can sell them at pretty good prices. Try selling them online on some art-related websites or you can sell them at any local fair.

How Much Do Canvas Printers Cost?

Canvas photo printers vary in price range based on their sizes and frames. Usually, the price starts from a few bucks and ranges up to several hundred dollars. The more advantages you want to add, the more you have to pay.


Printers for household usage are not suitable for canvas photo prints as they lack so many modern amenities. Besides, the best canvas printers must be proficient in printing not only images or documents but also banners, maps, posters, signatures, and so on.

For such an expensive electric appliance, proper research is an absolute must before making a wise selection. Here, we tried our best to present you with top-quality printers for classy canvas prints. Any of the top picks produce an excellent printing outcome unfailingly. 

However, as a cheap canvas printer, you can try Brother MFC-J497DW Multifunction Printer. For crafting or scrapbooking, Canon TS9521C Wireless Crafting Photo Printer is a good choice. And for the smallest and lightest of all, go for HP DeskJet 3752 Compact Color Inkjet Printer.  For further queries in this regard, put your thoughts in the comment section below.

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