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Bugatti Logo Design History and Evolution

Bugatti was founded in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti, a racing enthusiast with a background in the arts. Bugatti’s goal has always been to combine artistic designs with engineering innovations. The company declined after the Bugatti heir died in a racing accident, but it was revived in the 80s by an Italian businessman. Though the brand has changed hands many times, the Bugatti logo has remained the same.

The beautiful Bugatti logo has a jewel-like appearance that compliments the elegant appearance of the company’s vehicles. Read this article to discover the inspirations and reasoning behind the classic Bugatti logo.

Bugatti Logo Design Elements

The overall shape of the logo for Bugatti is an elongated, horizontal oval. The border of the oval is silver with a pattern of red dots. The background within this border is also red. Bold, capitalized letters stretch across the center of the oval, saying “Bugatti.” The letters are white with a shadow of black stretching towards the right. Above the brand name are the initials of the brand’s founder. A backward E connects to a forward facing B in the top of the logo. The EB emblem is smaller than the brand name. It does not have a shadow, and the letters are entirely black. Unlike the brand name, the font used for the EB is a serif font.

Changes and Evolution

1. Shape

Ettore Bugatti loved the logo shape so much that he never changed it. Other companies who took over after his death kept the logo the same. Bugatti has changed so many times, so having the same logo helps to retain a sense of continuity. A few Bugattis only use the “EB” portion of the logo on their hoods, but the official Bugatti logo never changes.

2. Color

Typically, the coloring of the logo at Bugatti remains the same. There are slight variations depending on the location of the logo though. Car emblems that feature the logo always use silver for the rim. However, when the logo shows up in advertising for the company, the rim sometimes looks white or gray.

3. Font

The Bugatti logo design shows a few different font types. The bolder serif font of the EB emblem stands out against the smoother curves of the “Bugatti” portion of the logo.


There are varying stories about the meaning of the 60 red dots around the border of the logo for Bugatti. One tale from Bugatti logo history suggests that the dots were chosen to draw attention to Bugatti’s superior engineering. Instead of using gaskets like other luxury car manufacturers, Bugatti chose to use safety wires instead. The small dots around the logo may mimic the appearance of the safety wire fixtures. Another story suggests that the dots may represent pearls. Even if this was not the original intention, they do make the logo look more like a piece of jewelry.


The Bugatti logo history has an unusual origin story. Unlike other famous car brands like the Ferrari logo, neither a professional graphic designer or an owner of the company created the symbol. The logo designer was instead the father of the company’s founder. Carlo Bugatti was a famous manufacturer of Art Nouveau furniture and musical instruments. When he heard that his son needed a logo, Carlo offered to help him out. Most luxury car brands that also create racecars have a different logo for their racing team. Bugatti is so proud of its logo that Bugatti race cars feature the same logo.


The proud history of Bugatti is a major selling point, yet many different companies have owned the brand. Retaining one continous logo ensures that the Bugatti brand remains stable and recognizable. Avoiding changing or modernizing the logo has been a wise move for Volkswagen and other Bugatti owners. Though different owners may focus on different aspects of car design, all Bugattis are united by their shared logo.

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