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Christian Louboutin Logo Design History and Evolution

In 1991, famed fashion designer Christian Louboutin broke away from other fashion houses to create a brand that focused on shoe design. Even the average person can recognize Christian Louboutin shoes due to their signature red sole. However, true fashion fans know to look for the company’s logo on other items besides high heels. The Christian Louboutin logo appears on the instep of men’s dress shoes, purses, sneakers, and even nail polish. In this article, we will tell you the fascinating details behind the logo’s design.

Christian Louboutin Logo Design Elements

The Christian Louboutin logo consists of a bold red circle with white text within it. The text is just the name of the designer and brand, Christian Louboutin. A curling, handwritten font makes up the “Louboutin” portion of the text, and the L is much taller than the rest.

christian louboutin logo white on red

At the tip of the L, a portion of the line curls up to make a C shape. This C is then the beginning of the word Christian. However, the “hristian” portion is in a basic Roman font. The simple style of the logo makes it very elegant, and it is suitable for a variety of needs, including shoe labels, storefront windows, and packaging decals.

Changes and Evolution

1. Shape

At first, the logo was simply the text in the modern logo. This changed a few years ago when they added the circle design. The circle of red behind the brand name helps to ground the text and set it apart from all the other designers that just use their name as a logo.

christian louboutin logo circle

2. Color

There have always been minor changes to the Christian Louboutin logo color. It was originally a simple black script on a white background, but the designer decided to incorporate red into the logo once he became famous for red-soled shoes in 1993. Many incarnations of the logo used a red text on a white background.

christian louboutin logo red on white

This changed when the modern logo shape came into use, and white text appeared on a red background. The logo also appears with a gilded gold text when it is on the instep of the Louboutin shoes. Unlike other famed design houses, like Jimmy Choo, they kept their color as their trademark.

3. Font

Over the years, the Christian Louboutin logo font has been the most consistent part of the brand’s logo. It combines a handwritten script with a classic Roman font to convey both style and strength.


The red hue used in Louboutin’s logo has a very unusual inspiration behind it. Louboutin’s signature red soles came into life when he was in the middle of designing his first shoe collection. He felt that his shoes were lacking a little flair, and he looked over and saw an assistant using red nail polish on her nails. Louboutin grabbed this polish and used it to paint in the soles of his shoe. This deep, cool red became so popular that it will forever remain associated with the brand.

The logo’s shape is intended to mimic the perfectly balanced asymmetry of a pair of high heels. Its elongated “L” stays grounded by a horizontal flourish that keeps the logo from looking off balance. However, the lack of symmetry ensures that the logo will not look boring.


According to a British poll, shoes with the Christian Louboutin logo are the fashion item that is most likely to make women feel desirable and provocative.

Christian Louboutin has so many problems with people copying their logo that they have set up a website called “StopFake” just to list all of the places known for selling counterfeit Louboutins.

The designer has a rich history as a decor and landscape designer. So, he is personally responsible for designing each one of his boutiques and choosing where to display the Christian Louboutin logo on storefronts.


The Christian Louboutin logo is just as bold and provocative as the designer’s design. Attractive colors and a graceful script combine to display the brand’s devotion to comfort, class, and audacity. Just like the designer’s famous shoes, the red shade of the logo is instantly recognizable as a status symbol. It serves as an excellent brand representative, so the Louboutin logo will most likely remain the same in the future.

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