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All the content we provide on is created and shared in good faith and for general information purpose only. We strive to keep the online community well informed by providing our readers with detailed information about company logos. We help by way of the content we post on our website and the logo descriptions we provide. However, we do not claim a fail-proof authority to back us in this effort. It is important to us that our readers are aware that that we are not employed by any IT company and that we are not affiliated to companies and brands featured on our website in any way. The members of the Logo Realm team are social media lovers, technology aficionados, and aspiring bloggers from a wide range of professional backgrounds. As a general rule in any given field, though, for each expert you can find supporting a claim, you can find another one arguing the contrary. This is why we would like to make sure you understand the limits of our descriptions and of the information presented here.

Therefore, this is our disclaimer: we cannot be 100% sure that the information we provide on here on is entirely accurate or fail-proof. Therefore, our website,, and our team of writers are therefore not liable for any problems that could arise if you use the data presented by use to the letter. This may include, but is not limited to, issues derived from using the information we provide about any current or previous logos utilizes by the companies and brands covered by our website. However, we seriously doubt that anything will go wrong if you use our information in good faith, or that our data can be less than spot-on since we conduct a thorough research for each of our articles, and we strive to keep our content is regularly updated as well.

Furthermore, we would like to state in this Disclaimer that our website,, may use Google Ads. However, our team would like to clarify that this does not influence the content we provide in any way. The information we provide is entirely objective and the company descriptions found in the first sections of our articles are made in good faith and based on reliable information. This Disclaimer is meant to reassure you that none of our content is influenced by external factors (such as material benefits) in any way.

We would also like to invite our guests to read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use as well, in order to get familiar with our reserved rights and obligations, as well as the ones of each of our website visitors. If you want to get in contact with us, please feel free to write to us at, or visit our social media hubs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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