Ferrari Logo Design History and Evolution |

Ferrari Logo Design History and Evolution

Ferrari is one of the first car brands that comes to mind anytime people mention luxury vehicles. The production of these classic sports cars began in Italy in 1940. Most people know the company for producing the most expensive cars in history. The iconic Ferrari logo has truly helped to raise brand awareness for the company. It has become famous in the industry, and it’s easily recognizable around the world.

Ferrari Logo Design Elements

The famous Ferrari logo design shows a “Cavallino Rampante” which translates to “prancing horse.” The overall shape is a vertical rectangle with slightly rounded edges and a black outline. The rectangular logo’s primary design element is the black prancing stallion rearing up onto its two back legs in the middle of the logo. At the top of the rectangle, you can see an elongated version of the Italian flag. Below the green, white, and red stripes is the canary yellow shade that makes up the Ferrari logo’s background.

ferrari logo rectangle new

Beneath the prancing stallion is the brand name “Ferrari.” It has a distinctively angular, hooked font. The top horizontal bar of the F extends over the rest of the letters until it reaches the dot in the “I.”

Changes and Evolution

1. Shape

Ferrari logo history has had a few different variations, but they all contain the prancing horse and Italian flag colors. The most noticeable difference is in the racing version of the Ferrari logo. On any Ferrari race car, the logo looks like a shield instead of a rectangle. Instead of saying the entire Ferrari name, the initials “F” and “S” stay underneath the horse.

ferrari logo

2. Color

Regardless of the shape, the colors remain the same on the Ferrari logo design. A horizontal green, white, and red stripe pay homage to the brand’s Italian roots. They all also contain a cheerful bright yellow background. This helps the Ferrari logo to stand out against most monochromatic car logos, such as Dodge.

3. Font

The highly stylized font used at the bottom of the logo is just as iconic as the Ferrari prancing horse. This custom made font shows up on most of the brand’s logo, trademark, and advertising needs. However, when the logo appears on a race car, the font used is a calligraphic script instead.

ferrari logo font


Most of the design for Ferrari’s famous logo got inspiration from Enzo Ferrari’s personal history. The Italian flag is obviously an homage to his Italian ancestry. However, the canary yellow background is a reference to the traditional town colors of Modena, Ferrari’s birthplace.

The horse’s origins are a little more unusual, though. The original prancing horse was actually a design on the planes of famous Italian airfight, Francesco Baracca during World War II. When Ferrari met the airman’s mother, she told him: “Ferrari, put my son’s prancing horse on your cars. It will bring you good luck.” He followed her advice, and it turned out to be true. In just a few decades, the Ferrari logo history of the prancing horse was famous worldwide.


The first car to bear the famous Ferrari prancing horse was not a Ferrari car. Enzo Ferrari got his start by leading a racing team for Alfa Romeo. He originally attached his insignia onto these cars before he started building his own. When Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo to start his own company, he had to promise not to attach the Ferrari name to any vehicles for four years. Thus, no vehicles actually created by Ferrari had the Ferrari name until 1947.

The Ferrari logo also has the honor of being on the most expensive car ever sold. A businessman bought a 1962 Ferrari in 2012 for the shocking price of $38.1 million.


Ferrari cars are a very popular luxury sports vehicles, but they also remain incredibly popular among professional racing teams. This combination of astounding engineering and beautiful design has kept Ferrari at the top of the automobile industry for years. The prancing horse logo of Ferrari symbolizes the brand’s speed and power. Over the past few decades, it has become one of the most prestigious logos among sports car enthusiasts.

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