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Jimmy Choo Logo Design History and Evolution

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Though the Jimmy Choo fashion house didn’t come into existence until 1996, designer Jimmy Choo had been creating couture designs for years. He was a long time favorite of Princess Diana, so celebrities quickly started buying his items. The coveted Jimmy Choo logo became a sign of quality, style, and taste.

It may look deceptively simple, but it actually contains a lot of intentional design. Just like his shoes, the Jimmy Choo logo represents grace, elegance, and a little stylish flair. This article will teach you all about the fascinating history behind the Jimmy Choo logo.

Jimmy Choo Logo Design Elements

The Jimmy Choo logo is a straightforward yet sophisticated icon that shows up in most designs, packaging, and store decor. At first glance, the logo just seems to be the words “Jimmy Choo” written in all uppercase letters. A closer look shows that the font is carefully designed to look appealing and tasteful. It contains letters made up of thin strokes that grounded by the addition of small serifs.

At the front of the logo, the tip of the J curls up in a fluid motion that adds some flair. The O’s in the logo are completely circular letters that are much wider than the others. The roundness of the double O’s remains balanced by the thinness of the double M’s in the first part of the logo. Typical depictions display it as black text on a white background, but this can change occasionally.

Changes and Evolution

1. Shape

The overall shape of the Jimmy Choo logo has not changed much. At first, the logo contained the words “London” in smaller letters centered beneath the name. Once the company expanded beyond London, they removed the city’s name from most logos.

However, the label put on the insole of the Jimmy Choo shoes still retains the more elaborate shape that includes the word “London.”

2. Color

At first, the Jimmy Choo logo was normally just black on white. In modern times, however, the store’s packaging and signs are often a pale blush pink shade that is trendier than stark white. The official color of the logo has not actually changed, but most consumers now see versions of that are pink and black instead of white and black.

3. Font

The font for Jimmy Choo shoes has remained mostly the same other than a few small tweaks. To keep the font from looking too perfect, the crossbar for the H was placed very high instead of being centered on the letter. Since then, the logo font has remained the same.


Jimmy Choo took inspiration for his logo from many other famous fashion houses. Instead of picking some sort of elaborate shape or busy font, Choo decided to follow the example of Gucci and Dior. The font that he chose actually bears many similarities to the more iconic Gucci logo which has rounded letters.

However, Jimmy Choo logo still stands out because he decided to use a mixture of very thin and very wide letters. Most fashion labels tend to either include nothing but elongated letters or short, flat letters. It combines both of these different shapes just as easily as the Jimmy Choo shoes combine traditional shapes with dramatic accents.


The logo is one of the main ways to identify counterfeit shoes. Fashionistas can tell if a Jimmy Choo is fake because the H on the logo of a fake will often have a centered crossbar.

Princess Diana may have been the first blonde to popularize Jimmy Choos, but they became a household name thanks to a different blonde star. The character Carrie Brashaw from “Sex and the City”, repeatedly mentioned how much she loved them.

Most shoes bearing the Jimmy Choo label are now created by his niece. Meanwhile, the founder himself focuses on his handmade couture designs.


The Jimmy Choo logo is instantly recognizable due to its unique font and stylish shape. Designer Jimmy Choo has become known for his cultured yet intricate designs. Thus, the logo shares the same mixture of tradition and beauty. Jimmy Choo’s logo is instantly recognizable to shoe enthusiasts. It will continue to grace highly-sought after shoes with their beautiful designs for years to come.

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