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New York Giants Logo Design History and Evolution

New York Giants Logo Design History and Evolution

Being a New York Giants fan can be a hit or miss proposition. It’s certainly fun, though, and following the team can be a great pastime. The team has changed in more than just its roster over the years, though, and keeping up with all the memorabilia means that you’ll have to be at least a bit familiar with the changing nature of the logo. Looking at how the New York Giants logo has changed over time, you can tell not just how the Giants have changed, but also how the rest of the NFL has changed in terms of logo design.

New York Giants Logo Design Elements

Did you know that the Giants play in New York? If you’ve ever looked at the logo, it should be obvious. The primary shape of the logo is nothing more than the city’s initials, not even with a reference to the team. New York, it seems, is enough of a brand in of itself to make up the primary shape of the logo.

The color, however, is a little more vibrant. The Giants are defined by the color blue, and it’s certainly a shade that pops off the page and off the screen. It’s recognizable enough that you can tell the Giants are playing even without seeing their logo, which works well. The font is also very recognizable, with a unique take on the letters ‘N’ and ‘Y’ that really don’t occur anywhere else.

Changes and Evolution

1. Shape

The New York Giants logo has changed quite a bit over the years. The original logo, which debuted in 1945, actually featured both the City of New York and a Giant. It was as literal a logo as you are likely to see, so it’s surprising that it actually lasted until 1955. The 1956 logo put the Giant in the background but kept the city, but only lasted for another five years. 1961-1975 brought a logo that was very similar to today’s logo, while the logo between 1976 and 1999 actually put the Giants name in the forefront.

2. Color

While blue and red are the colors of the New York Giants, they haven’t always been the colors of the team. From 1945 to 1949, the team used yellow and red. The 1950-1955 logo used red and white, while the 1956-1960 logo just used the famous blue. It wouldn’t be until 1961 that you’d get a shade of blue that actually matched the color of the current logo and 1976 when red would be added. It’s to the credit of the team that’s it’s managed to make a relatively new color scheme iconic in such a short amount of time.

3. Font

The Giants have used a few different typefaces over the years. The font in the earliest logos is basic and in the background, while the current font actually debuted all the way back in 1961. Oddly, though, this font would be abandoned for something that was a similar but stylized version in the 1970s, and a move over to the team’s name later in that decade.

Influences/ Inspiration

When the New York Giants changed their logo, it was generally because logos in general were changing. The earliest logos look very much like older football logos, while the logos in the 1960s and 1970s look very much like the logos of that era. Even the modern version, with its simplified font and basic appearance, looks a great deal more like the logos of other football teams now than it did that of those in play even a decade ago.

Because of how the NFL logos tend to work, and even the NFL logo itself,, it’s hard to say to what the degree the New York Giants were an influence and to what degree they were following trends. You can certainly say that any team that changed its logo after the Giants’ latest change was probably influenced by the team, but it’s hard to tell exactly how long even those logos were in the works before the change.



The New York Giants logo works because of its simplicity. As other teams switched to easily identifiable logos, so too did the Giants. Sometimes, following in the footsteps of others works. It was certainly in a move that worked in favor of the Giants.

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