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Patek Philippe Logo Design History and Evolution

When Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe first started creating watches together in 1845, they made history. Their company popularized many watch components, such as calendars and split-seconds hands. Later on, those would become standard features on Swiss watches. Even as the company expanded, Patek Philippe remained committed to quality, and they still manufacture their own watch parts. The ornate Patek Philippe logo is part of the brand’s proud history.

Each luxury watch made by Patek Philippe bears its design elements. In this article, we will tell you about all of the design and history behind this logo.

Patek Philippe Logo Design Elements

The Patek Philippe logo consists of three separate elements that, united with a single color scheme. At the bottom of the logo, the word “Geneve” highlights the company’s origin as a Swiss watchmaking company from Geneva. The brand name “Patek Philippe” is then centered in a larger font above the brand’s hometown.

patek philippe logo brown

Additionally, all of the letters used in the Patek Philippe logo are uppercase letters that use a modified version of the Monotype Grotesque Regular font. This san serif typeface features evenly thick strokes and elegantly angled edges on the E’s.

Above the logo’s lettering is the company’s emblem which appears as a watch clasp on most Patek Philippe watches. This emblem is a square cross with arms of equal length that have a curved fleur-de-lis at each tip. All of these design elements are in a rich, chocolaty golden-brown that makes the Patek Philippe logo look luxurious yet warm. Unlike other Swiss watchmakers, like the TAG Heuer logo color, they kept it simple.

Changes and Evolution

1. Shape

The very first Patek Philippe logo, created when the two watchmakers founded a company in 1851, was more ornate yet much smaller. It consisted of the words “P P & Co” written above an elaborate calligraphic curlicue. However, in 1887, the company registered a trademark for the logo shape that they still use today.

2. Color

Earlier versions of the Patek Philippe logo tended to be solid black, but then the company started using a golden shade for the cross at the top. Over time, the color went through tweaks until the brighter gold became the more muted golden brown we have today. Therefore, in order to unify its aspect, the company eventually decided to use the brown hue for the entire logo.

patek philippe logo gold

3. Font

The first Patek Philippe logo used an ornate, handwritten script that was similar to many other brand logos at the time. However, the company then switched to a more geometric san serif font at the turn of the century. That was because it appeared more modern and more in line with Patek Philippe watches. Once the Monotype Grotesque Regular font came out in the 1920s, the brand switched to this simple yet stylish font.


The cross emblem on the top of the Patek Philippe logo is called the Patek Philippe Calatrava cross. This was originally the symbol for the Order of Calatrava, a Spanish group of crusading knights. The company admits that they have no clue why the founders chose a Spanish Catholic heraldic device for a Swiss watch company founded by a Pole and a Frenchman.

Some theorize that it was because Pope Pius IX loved Patek Philippe watches. However, others think it was because the fleur-de-lis on the tips of the cross were¬†from the coat of arms for Phillipe’s hometown.


Patek Philippe watches have become one of the trendiest accessories among wealthy, Muslim, Middle Eastern men. This is somewhat ironic since the Calatrava Cross on the brand’s logo represented Christian crusaders who regularly fought with Muslim kingdoms.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava Cross logo is on the Patek Philippe Calibre 89. With 1,728 moving parts, a 2,800-star chart, and 39 complications, it is considered one of the most complicated mechanical watches ever created.


Watches with the signature Patek Philippe Calatrava cross clasp are a status symbol. Even more, a highly sought after collector’s item among watch enthusiasts. The combination of a bold brand name and an elegant emblem make the Patek Philippe logo into a strong, stylish logo that looks pleasing in a variety of settings. This represents the company’s creative flair while also referencing the proud past of Patek Philippe.

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