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Tata Logo Design History and Evolution

Tata Logo Design History and Evolution

Tata Motors has only been around since 1954, but it is becoming an increasingly popular name in the Asian automobile manufacturing market. This company is the largest creator of commercial and passenger vehicles in India. If you visit India or surrounding regions, you will regularly see the Tata Motors logo. This article will tell you all about the fascinating history of the Tata logo. We will examine all of the logo’s design elements, and discuss some interesting trivia about the logo for Tata Motors.

Tata Logo Design Elements

The Tata logo has a clean and calm color scheme that uses a medium blue shade on a pure white background. At the top of the logo is a flattened oval shape in blue. Two curved white lines sketch the shape of a capital T that gets wider at the bottom.

Beneath the Tata oval is the company’s brand name in blue. The font used for this is a very stylized, all capital font. Both of the Ts have a slightly thicker base. The As are missing their crossbars, so they essentially look like an upside down V. Completely straight lines are used for the lettering, and there are no serifs. The overall effect is a very simple, yet strong logo.

Changes and Evolution

1. Shape

On older Tata vehicles, a very different logo showed up. The company’s original logo was a circular design. In the inside of the circle was a capital T that was drawn with two parallel lines intersecting two other parallel lines at a 90 degree angle. There was a thick border around the T, and it said “Tata Engineering” in capital letters. Between the two words on the border were two symmetrically placed laurel sticks with leaves.

2. Color

Tata’s original logo was silver with a red border. In 1991, this changed to a blue logo on a white background. When the Tata logo is printed as a car emblem, it retains the old silver color, and it has a black background.

3. Font

Even its older logos use the Tata Motors signature font for the brand name. For the other text on the logos, Tata did not use the very stylized, angular font. Instead, they used a simple sans-serif, Helvetica-style font.


Tata’s logo was intentionally designed to look good as a car emblem, while also appearing fresh and modern. The logo references many of the design elements in the original logo. It has a rounded shape just like the old circle, and the T in the middle of the logo still looks like two sharply angled lines. The new logo further maintains a sense of continuity by using the same angular lettering from the older logo.

It might reference the old logo, but Tata also made many changes to give the logo a more modern look. Larger lettering helps them to sell the brand to consumers unaware of Tata, and the clean lines and simpler shape let Tata easily replicate the logo as a metal car emblem. The curved T inside the oval looks almost like a road disappearing into the horizon, so it further references the Tata vehicles.



Tata’s impressive and widespread marketing is largely responsible for their popularity in India, Africa, and Korea. Their logo is distinctive enough to build brand reputation, and its clean, strong lines keep the logo from looking too busy. The Tata logo is stylish enough to work as a modern car emblem, while also referencing the company’s older designs.

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