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directv logo new

DirecTV Logo Design History and Evolution

One of the most famous international direct broadcast satellite services in the world, DirecTV has become a subsidiary of AT&T in July of 2015. Along with the ...

current netflix logo

Netflix Logo Design History and Evolution

Popular media company Netflix has gone a long way since it came to be in 1997. What started out as a tiny company that allowed subscribers to rent movies has ballooned ...

bing yellow logo

Bing Logo Design History and Evolution

Bing is the second most popular internet search engine, and it has existed under many different names. Microsoft's search engine was originally launched as MSN search, ...

purple yahoo logo

Yahoo Logo Design History and Evolution

At 22 years old, Yahoo is one of the oldest Internet technology companies. It is known for a variety of social media, email, search, video sharing, and news sites that ...

facebook logo

Facebook Logo Design History and Evolution

Facebook originally started out as an online photo directory for Harvard students in 2004. However its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, quickly realized that people everywhere ...

current youtube logo

YouTube Logo Design History and Evolution

Three PayPal employees named Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim created YouTube in 2005. It allowed users from all over the world to upload video content and share ...

linkedin logo

LinkedIn Logo Design History and Evolution

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking platform that connects employers and job seekers. Employers post job advertisements while job seekers post their ...

current google logo

Google Logo Design History and Evolution

When two Ph.D. Students decided to create a search engine back in 1996, no one realized that Google would eventually become a multinational company. In addition to being ...

current twitter logo

Twitter Logo Design History and Evolution

For designers wondering what counts as iconic, it’s hard to beat the famous Twitter logo. The free-spirited bird with adorable wings lifted in praise just makes you ...

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